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Downloadable dataNew York and New Jersey Boundary
Offline DataAmbient Lakes Monitoring Network for New Jersey (NJDEP) [NJ.LAKE_MONITORS]
Offline DataShoreline Type in New Jersey (NJDEP) [NJ.SHORE_TYPE]
Offline DataUpper Wetlands Boundary/Upper Wetlands Limit (NJDEP) [NJ.UPPER_WETLAND_BOUNDRIES]
UnknownSole Source Aquifers for NY and NJ
UnknownLocal Health Departments in New Jersey (NJDHSS)
Offline DataWatershed Delineations at the 14-digit Hydrologic Unit Code Scale (NJDEP) [NJ.HUC11]
Offline DataMunicipal Stormwater Regulation Program Tier A and Tier B Municipalities in New Jersey (NJDEP) [NJ.MUNICIPAL_STORMWATER]
Offline DataSandy Final Surge Boundaries - Feb 14, 2012
Offline DataGeologic Folds in New Jersey - NJDEP [NJ.FOLDS_100K)]
Live Map ServicesGround Water Discharges Permits in New Jersey (NJPDES) - [NJ.GROUND_WATER_DISCHARGE]
Offline DataWater Supply Planning Areas in New Jersey (NJDEP) [NJ.WATER_SUPPLY_PLANNING]
Offline DataRural-Urban Commuting Areas (RUCA), 2000, USDA
Downloadable dataAdvisory Base Flood Elevations
Offline DataBedrock Geology of New Jersey - NJDEP (Scale 1:100,000) [NJ.BEDROCK_100K]
Offline DataGeologic Dikes in New Jersey - NJDEP (1:100K Scale) [NJ.DIKES_100K]
Offline DataGeologic Faults in New Jersey - NJDEP (1:100K Scale) [NJ.FAULTS_100K]
Live Map ServicesSurficial Geology of New Jersey (1:100K Scale) (NJ.SURFICIAL_100K)
Live Map ServicesChromate Waste Sites in New Jersey [NJ.CHROMATE_WATE]
Live Map ServicesWater Quality Stations (Existing) in New Jersey [NJ.EXISTING_WATER_QUAL_STATIONS]
Live Map Serviceshead of tide (hot) points for watercourses of New Jersey (NJDEP) [NJ.HEAD_OF_TIDE]
Live Map ServicesHistorical Shorelines for New Jersey (NJDEP) [NJ.HISTORICAL_SHORELINE]
Offline DataNJDEP Shoreline Structures of the Coastline of New Jersey Along the Atlantic Ocean and Inland Bays [NJ.SHORE_STRUCTURES]
UnknownSoil Survey Geographic (SSURGO) database - Drainage Class
UnknownSoil Survey Geographic (SSURGO) database - Hydric Rating
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