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UnknownGeographic Names Information System (GNIS) Points, American Somoa, 2009, USGS
UnknownPrivate Schools, Nevada, 2009, Nevada Department of Education
UnknownPublic Schools, Arizona, 2009, Arizona Department of Education
UnknownPublic Schools, Hawaii, 2009, Hawaii Department of Education
UnknownPublic Schools, Nevada, 2009, Nevada Department of Education
UnknownSchool Points, America Somoa, 2009, GNIS
UnknownEPA Office Points, Tutuila AS, 2009, US EPA Region 9
UnknownMajor Highway Lines, US, 2015, NAVTEQ
UnknownRoad Lines, American Somoa, 1999, TIGERLine
UnknownRoad Lines, Manua AS, 1999, TIGERLine
UnknownRoad Lines, Swain AS, 1999, TIGERLine
UnknownSecondary Highway Lines, US, 2015, NAVTEQ
UnknownPrivate Schools, Hawaii, 2009, Hawaii Association of Independent Schools
UnknownLower Colorado River GRP Radio Towers, Nevada, 2012, Nevada Division of Environmental Protection and Nevada Division of Forestry
UnknownStreet Lines, US, 2015, NAVTEQ
UnknownPublic Schools, California, 2009, California Department of Education
Live Map ServicesEPA Facility Registry Service (FRS): AIRS_AFS Sub Facilities
UnknownChapter House Points, Navajo Nation, 2007, Navajo Land Department
UnknownHotel Points, Tutuila AS, 2010, US EPA Region 9
UnknownBorder Crossing Points, US-Mexico Border, 2015, NAVTEQ
UnknownBorder Crossings, US-Mexico Border, 2010, NAVTEQ
UnknownRailroad Lines, US, 2015, NAVTEQ
UnknownEcoRegion Polygons, Nevada, 2007, ECOMAP
Downloadable dataIowa TV facilities
Downloadable dataKansas TV facilities
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