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Offline DataICLUS v1.3 Raw Housing Density for the Conterminous USA
UnknownCongressional Districts 115th Congress, US EPA Region 9, 2016, TIGERLine
UnknownRoad Lines, American Somoa, 1999, TIGERLine
UnknownRoad Lines, Manua AS, 1999, TIGERLine
UnknownRoad Lines, Swain AS, 1999, TIGERLine
UnknownHydrolines, Rose AS, 2007, TIGERLine
UnknownHydrolines, Manua AS, 1995, TIGERLine
UnknownHydrolines, American Somoa, 1995, TIGERLine
UnknownHydrolines, Swain AS, 1995, TIGERLine
UnknownTerritory Boundary Polygons, Northern Marianas Islands (CNMI), 1999, US Census Bureau
Downloadable dataProjected 2020 Land Cover
Live Map ServicesTribal Boundaries, U.S., 2014, EPA/OAR/OAQPS/AQAD
Downloadable dataICLUS v1.3 Population Projections
UnknownCensus 2000 Tract Polygons, US EPA Region 9, 2000, US Census Bureau
Live Map Services2015 TRI National Analysis: Toxics Release Inventory Releases at Various Summary Levels
Downloadable dataProportion of Employed Population in Mining
Downloadable dataICLUS v1.3 Housing Density for the Conterminous USA
Downloadable dataICLUS v1.3 Estimated Percent Impervious Surface for the Conterminous USA
Downloadable dataSmart Location Database - Download
Live Map ServicesSmart Location Database - Service
Offline DataGeologic Faults in New York State, 1:1,000,000 (NYS.FAULTS_1M) [NYS.FAULTS_1M]
UnknownAdministrative Tribal Boundary Polygons, Navajo Nation, 2015, US EPA Region 9
UnknownLand Cover, US EPA Region 9, 2006, NLCD
UnknownPercent Developed Imperviousness, US EPA Region 9, 2006, NLCD
UnknownICLUS v2.1 land use projections for the Fourth National Climate Assessment (SSP5)
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