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UnknownEcosystem services in the St. Louis River AOC
DocumentsKeyword analysis of community planning documents
UnknownClimate differentiates forest structure across a residential macrosystem
UnknownData from Phelan et al. 2016 (Water Air and Soil Pollution 227:84. DOI 10.1007/s11270-016-2762-x). "Assessing the effects of climate change and air pollution on soil properties and plant diversity in sugar-maple-beech-yellow birch hardwood..."
Downloadable dataMeasuring urban tree loss dynamics across residential landscapes
UnknownGIS dataset of candidate terrestrial ecological restoration areas for the United States
Downloadable dataPeople and Water – IWI-HWBI
UnknownEstimated floodplain map for the conterminous United States
UnknownEcological Hubs and Corridors Web Service
UnknownROE - Ecological Corridors
Downloadable dataEnviroAtlas - New Haven, CT - Block Groups
UnknownAssessing the Social and Environmental Costs of Institutions Nitrogen Footprints
UnknownAsian longhorned beetle complicates the relationship between taxonomic diversity and pest vulnerability in street tree assemblages
UnknownNational assessment of Tree City USA participation according to geography and socioeconomic characteristics
UnknownSt. Louis River water quality assessment 2012, 2013
UnknownFuture United States Domestic Water Demand
UnknownPotential Wetland Restoration Indicators data for the EnviroAtlas
UnknownCockle Field Caging Experiment Data (2014)
UnknownCockle/Green Macroalgae Field Survey Data (2014)
UnknownCockle Temperature Exposure Lab Experiment (2016)
UnknownGull Foraging Field Survey Data (2015)
UnknownCockle Emergence Lab Experiment (2017)
UnknownFlow intermittence and ecosystem services in rivers of the Anthropocene_Figure 4_Journal of Applied Ecology
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