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Title: CERAPP: Collaborative Estrogen Receptor Activity Prediction Project
Abstract: Data from a large-scale modeling project called CERAPP (Collaborative Estrogen Receptor Activity Prediction Project) demonstrating using predictive computational models on high-throughput screening data to screen thousands of chemicals against the estrogen receptor. This dataset is associated with the following publication: Mansouri , K., A. Abdelaziz, A. Rybacka, A. Roncaglioni, A. Tropsha, A. Varnek, A. Zakharov, A. Worth, A. Richard , C. Grulke , D. Trisciuzzi, D. Fourches, D. Horvath, E. Benfenati , E. Muratov, E.B. Wedebye, F. Grisoni, G.F. Mangiatordi, G.M. Incisivo, H. Hong, H.W. Ng, I.V. Tetko, I. Balabin, J. Kancherla , J. Shen, J. Burton, M. Nicklaus, M. Cassotti, N.G. Nikolov, O. Nicolotti, P.L. Andersson, Q. Zang, R. Politi, R.D. Beger , R. Todeschini, R. Huang, S. Farag, S.A. Rosenberg, S. Slavov, X. Hu, and R. Judson. (Environmental Health Perspectives) CERAPP: Collaborative Estrogen Receptor Activity Prediction Project. ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH PERSPECTIVES. National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS), Research Triangle Park, NC, USA, 1-49, (2016).
File Identifier: A-6t1n-312
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Distribution Title https://gaftp.epa.gov/COMPTOX/Sustainable_Chemistry_Data/CERAPP_QSAR_Models/
Access URL https://gaftp.epa.gov/COMPTOX/Sustainable_Chemistry_Data/CERAPP_QSAR_Models/
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Access Level: Public
License: https://pasteur.epa.gov/license/sciencehub-license.html
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Date Modified: 2016-07-01
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Organization: U.S. EPA Office of Research and Development (ORD)
Contact Person: Ann Richard
Email: richard.ann@epa.gov
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Related Documents: https://doi.org/10.1289/ehp.1510267