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Title: Lower Colorado River GRP Leaking Underground Storage Tank Sites (Closed), Nevada, 2012, Nevada Division of Environmental Protection Bureau of Corrective Actions
Abstract: <DIV STYLE="text-align:Left;"><DIV><DIV><P><SPAN>The BCA layers are derived from a database for Federally Regulated Underground Storage Tanks (UST) and a database for Remediation and Leaking Underground Storage Tank Cases which is known as the Project Tracking or "PT" Database. The Bureau's Project Tracking (PT) Database was developed as a tool for case officers to track their various projects. The Bureau has made this available to the general public as a source for finding and checking the status of remedial sites. The database includes both Leaking Underground Storage Tank (LUST) cases as well as Corrective Action (non-regulated) sites. Facilities which have federally regulated tanks (UST) will be assigned a facility identification number begining with a numeric (e.g., 1 through 9). Facilities/sites which have no federally regulated USTs will be assigned an "alpha" facility ID (e.g., A through I). The problem occurs that a regulated facility (UST site) may have non-LUST remedial activities. For example, a service station in the northern part of the state may have three regulated USTs but may also use heating oil to heat the building. In this case the clean-up of the heating oil release would be a remedial activity under the regulated facility ID (i.e., 1-000000, etc.) but IS NOT A LUST ACTIVITY. The data in the database may be updated as often as daily depending on when an individual case officer inputs information. Most of the data relating to cases is still in written format in the hard copy files. For more detailed information contact the case officer directly or make an appointment to view the files in either the Carson City or Las Vegas offices.</SPAN></P></DIV></DIV></DIV>
Publisher: Nevada Division of Environmental Protection
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Data Type: Vector
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West Bounding Longitude: -119.855741
South Bounding Latitude: 35.129058
East Bounding Longitude: -114.051702
North Bounding Latitude: 39.61508
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License https://edg.epa.gov/EPA_Data_License.html
Access: Unclassified
Use: <DIV STYLE="text-align:Left;"><DIV><DIV><P><SPAN>Remove officer and consultant contact information before sharing with the public.</SPAN></P></DIV></DIV></DIV>
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Scope (quality information applies to): 005
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Theme Topics: Environment and Conservation
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Organization: NDEP
Contact Position: GIS Coordinator
Contact Person: Cheryl Henley
Email: henley.cheryl@epa.gov
Address: 75 Hawthorne Street
City: San Francisco
State: CA
Postal Code: 94105
Telephone: 415-972-3586
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Publisher Document Identifier: CA1D21C8-82AB-4506-9F5B-BF7723F8330E
Metadata Date Stamp: 2017-09-15
Organization: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Region 9
Organization Role: 007
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Metadata Standard Version: 1.0