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Title: Concentrations of total phosphorus and ortho phosphate in inflow and outflow
Abstract: The dataset includes total phosphorus and ortho-phosphate concentrations in water. This dataset is associated with the following publication: Baek, S., S.H. Joo, D. Linne, S. Leon, C. Luciano, C. Bariley, C. Su, and Y. Wan. Pilot-Scale Application of Shotblast Dust for Phosphorus Removal. Journal AWWA. American Water Works Association, Denver, CO, USA, 110(11): 64-68, (2018).
File Identifier: https://doi.org/10.23719/1431903
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Distribution Title Sung Hee Joo P removal Raw data 418.pdf
Download URL https://pasteur.epa.gov/uploads/10.23719/1431903/Sung%20Hee%20Joo%20P%20removal%20Raw%20data%20418.pdf
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Access Level: Public
License: https://pasteur.epa.gov/license/sciencehub-license.html
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Date Modified: 2018-11-01
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Organization: U.S. EPA Office of Research and Development (ORD)
Contact Person: Chunming Su
Email: su.chunming@epa.gov
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Related Documents: https://doi.org/10.1002/awwa.1186