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Title: Heat Wave Characteristics in 50 Large U.S. Cities, 1961–2019
Abstract: These maps show changes in the number of heat waves per year (frequency); the average length of heat waves in days (duration); the number of days between the first and last heat wave of the year (season length); and how hot the heat waves were, compared with the local temperature threshold for defining a heat wave (intensity). These data were analyzed from 1961 to 2018 for 50 large metropolitan areas. The size of each circle indicates the absolute change over the period. Solid-color circles represent cities where the trend was statistically significant. For more information: https://www.epa.gov/climate-indicators
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Resource Link: https://geodata.epa.gov/arcgis/rest/services/OAR_OAP/HeatWaves/MapServer
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Resource Link: https://www.epa.gov/climatechange
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West Bounding Longitude: -124.3539
South Bounding Latitude: 24.555
East Bounding Longitude: -66.9919
North Bounding Latitude: 48.9994
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Theme Topics: Atmosphere and Climatic
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Organization: USEPA
Contact Person: MIke Kolian
Email: kolian.michael@epa.gov
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Publisher Document Identifier: 0F13EBA6-F622-4F85-B33B-654FB80A45C1
Metadata Date Stamp: 2021-04-09
Organization: USEPA
Organization Role: Publisher
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Metadata Standard Name: ArcGIS Metadata
Metadata Standard Version: 1.0