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Title: World Named Latitudes and Longitudes
Abstract: World Named Latitudes and Longitudes represents geographically significant reference latitudes and longitudes for the world such as the equator, tropics, Arctic and Antarctic Circles, prime meridian, and International Date Line.
Purpose: Used to create the ESRI World Map Templates Series. Imported into Region 2 SDE/Oracle database as base cartographic layer
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Publication Date: 20001101
Progress: Completed
Frequency: Matches software update releases
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Date: 1996
Currentness: Publication date
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West Bounding Longitude: -180
East Bounding Longitude: 180
North Bounding Latitude: 90
South Bounding Latitude: -90
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License This is a licensed product by ESRI for use within the U.S. EPA. No third party copy or use of this product will be permitted.
Access: Distributed with ArcGIS 8 software
Use: See the ESRI License Agreement for Disclaimer of Warranties and Limitation on Liabilities with respect to the sample Data contained herein. The sample Data is the intellectual property of the respective data provider(s) and is used herein with permission. ESRI Data and Maps CDs, Copyright © 2000, ESRI, Inc. All rights not granted herein are reserved. The sample Data may only be used for the licensee's own internal use only. For further redistribution rights please contact the data provider(s) directly with the contact information provided in this metadata. EPA Use Constraint Statement: Data are considered current to the date of the original source material. Please check sources, scale, accuracy, currentness and other available information. Please confirm that you are using the most recent copy of both data and metadata
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Theme Topics: line, latitudes, longitudes, equator, tropics, Arctic and Antarctic Circles, prime meridian, International Date Line, North and South Poles
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Originator: Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc. (ESRI)
Address Type: mailing and physical address
City: Redlands
State: California
Postal Code: 92373-8100
Telephone: 800-447-9778
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Metadata Date Stamp: 2007-12-17
Metadata Standard Name: FGDC Content Standards for Digital Geospatial Metadata
Metadata Standard Version: FGDC-STD-001-1998