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Title: Emissions Modeling Clearinghouse
Abstract: The Emissions Modeling Clearinghouse (EMCH) supports and promotes emissions modeling activities both internal and external to the EPA. Through this site, the EPA distributes and documents emissions datasets that are formatted for use in emissions models, which are used for emissions preparation for air quality modeling. The inventory data on this site are dervied from previous and current versions of the National Emission Inventory (NEI). This site also distributes the EPA's latest versions of ancillary datasets used to support the temporal, spatial, speciation, and future-year projection of these emissions.
File Identifier: 01CD5875-92B2-4DCF-996A-71B09CAC2679
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Access Level: Public
License: https://edg.epa.gov/EPA_Data_License.htm
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Date Modified: 2014-01-01
Date Issued: 2014-01-01
Accrual Periodicity irregular
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Organization: U.S. EPA Office of Air and Radiation (OAR) - Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards (OAQPS)
Contact Person: Marc Houyoux, EPA/OAR/OAQPS, U.S. EPA Office of Air and Radiation (OAR) - Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards (OAQPS)
Email: houyoux.marc@epa.gov
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Related Documents: https://edg.epa.gov/metadata/rest/document?id=%7B01CD5875-92B2-4DCF-996A-71B09CAC2679%7D, https://edg.epa.gov/metadata/catalog/search/resource/details.page?uuid=%7B01CD5875-92B2-4DCF-996A-71B09CAC2679%7D
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